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Local number right now is in Toronto, but we will have 800, and other local #'s available!

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Are you a Tech Support Professional?

Run a small support company for local users? Or do you support hundreds of users in multiple locations?

BurnCall is for you no matter the size?


So, what is BurnCall?

It is a system that will allow you to receive a phone call, and not have the caller know what your private phone number is. The idea was born out of a real life experience where we had a client that needed to call us on a Friday night after 8pm. Do you really want to give out your personal phone number to a client? Once they have that number, you become their personal support person!


BurnCall is a system that allows clients to contact support personnel without giving out direct phone numbers.


So, how can I use it?


First, setup your personal custom support schedule where BurnCall can reach you, and when you are at each number.

Here is an example Schedule that you can put in:

  • From 9AM - 5PM Monday to Friday, call my work extension (9055551212 x25)
  • From 5PM - 9PM Monday To Friday, call my cell phone (9055551234)
  • Any Other Time, go to voicemail

Note: AutoDial through to extensions only work with automated attendants, not live answer receptionists.


BurnCall can handle multiple schedules to meet the support needs of different clients. As long as one schedule is defined, BurnCall can get a hold of you!


Next, issue a ticket!


A BurnCall Ticket is a 6 digit number that will be entered when the client calls the BurnCall Support Number.

There are different options that can be configured on each ticket such as:

  • Schedule
    • You can change the schedule and availability on each ticket
  • Usage
    • Unlimited - No limit on the number of uses of the ticket
    • OneTime - Ticket is disabled after initial Call
  • Access Type
    • 800 - Client can dial in on the Toll Free or Local (if available)
    • Local - Client can dial in on Local Number Only
  • Minutes Allocated
    • Unlimited - No time limit
    • X Minutes - Defined minutes available for the call (Like a prepaid Calling Card)


Once you have issued the ticket, your support client can contact you by dialing either the Toll Free number, or if available a local access number.

The system will then prompt them to enter their BurnCall Ticket number. When BurnCall has verified the ticket, the system will dial your support professionals based on the schedule provided. If the call isn't answered,  it will be directed to a voicemail system where the caller can record a message which will be delivered as an MP3 directly to a pre-defined email address.


Is that ALL it can do?

Actually no... it's not... For larger support companies, there is an Enterprise service that allows you connect all your support professionals to one system!

Additional features include:

  • Groups
    • Multiple support professionals are contacted with each ticket. The first to answer gets it.
  • Conference Ticket
    • A Ticket can be marked as a conference, and all participants in the group are dumped into a conference all.
  • *Round Robin
    • Support Professionals can be contacted in a round-robin format.
  • *Escalation
    • An escalation path can be defined if call is not answered in a specified time.

* - Planned feature not yet implemented


Want to see how things work? Check out a demo account. Log in HERE


   Login: demo@burncall.com

   Password: demo




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